What Effective Managers Really Do

Course Description

This 2 day programme has been designed to strengthen the skills of managers to meet the challenges facing the organisation. The nature of management is changing and all managers need to refresh their skills to the workshop also addresses the importance of communication; an essential skill in getting the information you need from others, setting clear direction and building trust. It also covers the benefits of networking with key people within and outside the organisation.


Managers who may have been recently appointed or experienced managers who wish to refresh their skills and explore the latest thinking in managing people and getting results.

Benefits of Attending

- The participants will explore how they can enhance their own abilities and achieve the best results for their department or organisation.
- They will investigate a way of conducting structured and productive performance appraisals.
- They will recognise that they will not always have all the answers and build a network of collaborative people to create a synergy and improve competitiveness

Tailoring the training to meet your organisation’s needs

The following outline gives an overview of the core elements the training and development course. However we believe that the training will be more successful if it is viewed by the participants as relevant and transferable to their work place reality. Therefore we do not believe in a one size fits all training session may be appropriate to meet the development needs of your organisation.
Our training and organisational specialist will be happy to speak with and clarify any specific issues or emphasis that will help us deliver a customised training and development session to develop the required competences and improve performance.

Managing your career

Building effective networks
Range of network structures
The power of the grapevine
Managing the white space in the organisation chart

Developing a legislative awareness

Equality awareness
Dignity at work

Communicating effectively

Communication as the nuts and bolts of organisations
Recognising capacity to destroy and the power of persuasion
Importance of written communication
The relationship between language and leadership
The role of non verbal communication

Decision making techniques

Group or individual decisions
The advantages of a systematic decision making process
The impact of a bad decision making process

Conducting a performance review

What message you want the employees to take away from the meeting
What do you mean by performance?
Understanding Good and Bad Performance
Creating a line managers checklist
The importance of planning
Step by step planning process

Managing Yourself

Plan horizontally not vertically
Write it own-make it happen
The efficiency of seemingly inefficient behaviour
Avoid doing the wrong thing well
Understand where all the pieces of the planning process connect

Working with key stakeholders

Building a relationship with customers and suppliers
Tom Peter's Customer Revolution
The suppliers as business partners