Change Management For Managers

Course Description

Most organisations have been through a change in the recent past. However, the change strategy is just the start - what happens next is what determines the success of the change. In many situations, employees need help to adopt the new habits and engage with the change process. Managers who are tasked to implement the change can feel overwhelmed. They neglect the simple but focused interventions that may help them quickly achieve their goals. This workshop presents some techniques to help the managers to create a culture and support system to encourage collaboration, ownership and engagement. It encourages the managers who attend to learn from each other and share experiences.



Participants will learn some ways to

Manage their team or section through the change Identify new ways to intervene to create or support change Understand the psychological contract Improve their knowledge skills and attitudes Recognise their impact as role model and influencer Investigate their own communication style and strategy

The manager role

The role model affect Avoiding Captainitis What you can learn from Nobel prize winning scientists How accountability and scarce resources drives innovation Kanter's law

Use the existing culture to change the culture

Examining the big assumptions
How existing processes can be adapted
Using your networks

Communication as a support to change

Setting the stage
Creating the frame
Managing the mood
Reinforcing desirable behaviours

Change what- Change how

What are you measuring
Set measurable expectations
How are you communicating progress
Celebrating small wins
Using customer insights to create ownership

Developing your Team

Increase their capacity to find and implement solutions
The psychological contract- how it affects moods and emotions
What makes this restructuring different