Time Management Skills

Course Description

You will never be effective if you cannot manage your time. Effective people are able to make the best use of their time by focusing on what is important and making sure that the key tasks are completed efficiently. This training will help you polish your skills to highlight the behaviours and techniques that meet deadlines and deliver on objectives.


People who understand that time management is a choice and that we can all improve our productivity levels. They want to acquire the skills to achieve more in their day to day activities, free up time for projects and develop their career. They require a practical reality-based set of techniques and strategies to be more effective and less stressed.


Having completed this training the participants will:
Adopt a goal focused time-management-perspective
Identify their personal Time Thieves
Use a systematic five step approach to managing their time effectively
Have benchmarked their abilities in the implementation skills needed to be effective
Define a strategy to apply the knowledge and skills to their work
Realise that it is what you do not do that determines what you can do

Overview of Content

1. Get on track with your organisation and role
2. Prioritise your goals and activities
3. Stop:
a. Wasting time on conflict and collaborate effectively
b. Giving-in to Time Thieves
c. Reinventing the wheel build standards and methods
d. Repeating yourself - rediscover your communications skills
e. Being wrongfooted - be assertive and persuasive
f. Being apathetic - JFWI
g. Dithering - JFDI
4. Build on today

Get on Track

Effective organisations and how to avoid deflected goals
Clarifying your goals and key result areas


The important/urgent matrix
Where do you spend your time?
Where should you focus your efforts
Applying LIMit analysis to time management
The anatomy of a crisis


Wasting time on conflict
How to collaborate effectively
Giving in to Time Thieves
Identifying and confronting your time thieves
Reinventing the wheel
Build standards and methods for your most important functions
Smart decision making models
Structured problem solving methodologies
Systematic approaches to instructing and training
Repeating yourself
Communicate effectively
Write clear emails
Complete reports quickly and effectively
Being wrongfooted
How to say no
Dealing with aggression
Using feedback skills to establish good practice for the future
The universal rule to influence others
Using agreement maps to target influencers
Being apathetic
Why would you not want to manage your time effectively?
The Time Management Perspective
A five-step plan to meet your goals

Building on today

Six resolutions
Your personal transfer-to-work plan


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