Preparing your staff for the Performance Review

Course Description

The value of the performance review is greatly increased if both parties are prepared. The review should be seen as another part of the ongoing two way communication process, that is more productive when both people understand the process and the expected outcomes. This session is specifically designed for managers, who will then communicate the material to their staff prior to review, but it can also be delivered directly to the employees who will be reviewed


Managers who want to prepare their staff for the review process. Employees who are unfamiliar with the formal performance review process or need to develop skills to take an effective part in the meeting.

Setting the scene

Preparing for the business meeting
Why reviews are important
Become familiar with the review process
What can you gain from the review process?
Creating your personal file
How do you spend you day?
Identifying your performance indicators
Reviewing the review form

The review meeting

Conducting a candid self appraisal
Offering your opinions or suggestions
Dealing with bad news
Maintaining a problem solving mindset
The importance of agreeing and setting clear objectives
Identifying your development needs
Identify any other topics you want to cover; training etc.
How do you recognise a good review?